…and we’re super excited to get to know you. Here’s some stuff we think is really important. 

  • You must stay true to what you feel is YOU. We know the big things in life can get a little overwhelming. If you want to break the mold in a badass way or if you love tradition, we’re all for it. We are your biggest supporters.

  • There is nothing too big or too small. What makes you excited, gets US excited. We’re ready to celebrate right alongside you. Give us the deets!

  • Honesty. We’ll be REAL with you, because that’s how you will get the most out of this experience. We won’t hold back, and we hope you won’t either.

We're not here to half-ass this. This is what we live for. This is what we love.

Meet Katie Anello

Growing up I experienced my Dad project slide film on to our living room wall to look back through family photos and my Uncle bring a different 35mm camera to every family event. I can recall the excitement of watching polaroid instant film start to develop right before my eyes. For a 5 year old, that is pure magic. But moments captured in time, that can let you revisit a moment or a feeling as if you were there again, is the real magic of photographs.

 I saved up my first ever $300 for a Canon point and shoot when I was 12 years old. I knew I was going to be a photographer and I had my sights set on that. Fast forward to where I am now, after pursuing a Fine Arts and Art History degree, I have the pleasure of working professionally as a photographer for over 10 years now. My experience, specifically in the wedding industry, has taught me a lot about what truly matters in this industry. You need to understand what makes a good image, and be able to execute, but most of all is the importance of being able to connect with people on a very real human level. That is what I love and why I have chosen this to be my life’s work! 

Katie’s photographs can be found published in Sweet Paul Magazine, The New York Times, The Annie Selke Companies, T-Magazine Online, and The Washington Post.

Meet Kelsey Roman

As I rack my brain thinking of how to introduce myself here, I can’t seem to get past the fact that I can’t remember the introduction of photography in my life. I feel like it has always been present at home, work, school, and in society. My love for photography has been one of those slow burns, where it just keeps getting hotter, better, and more enjoyable as time passes.

For the past 10 years I have taught photography, both digital and darkroom. I’ve shared my technical knowledge, traveled the world, and photographed for myself. However, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when Katie (my partner over there) was like “hey, wanna shoot some weddings with me?” that I was able to experience what photographing for other people feels like. What I’ve learned is that teaching photography is my day job; taking photos for others, capturing their joy, excitement, nervousness, sadness, and connection to one another, that is my passion.