Rebecca & Jack's Appel Inn wedding in Altamont, NY fell on a gorgeous summer day in early August. In an absolutely stunning Pronovias wedding gown Rebecca beamed as she walked down the aisle to her soon to be husband shortly after they spent a quiet moment, holding hands, without seeing one another. During this "First Look" like moment that we have since dubbed the "First Touch," Rebecca & Jack spoke of how excited they were to become husband and wife. Once they spoke their vows and exchanged rings the knot was tied and the party began! We truly cannot thank this lovely couple enough for having us capture their Appel Inn Summer Wedding Photos, and for making it such a fun day for us and all the talented vendors invovled!

Rebecca & Jack made absolutely gorgeous stained glass portraits of guests who unfortunately could not be present for their celebration. These stained glass works of art lined the end of the aisle

While our vows were definitely the highlight of our day, Kelsey telling us to “trust her and get in the bush” for portraits is a moment I’ll never forget. It made for a few of my favorite photos from the whole day!

- Rebecca

One piece of advice is to rent your wedding venue as late as you possibly can. The dance floor time goes by so fast and never feels like enough!

- Rebecca & Jack