In late January of 2022, the day after a huge snowstorm hit the northeast, we made our way to Northern New Jersey to meet up with Brittany & Brian at Waterloo Village Historic Site to capture their snowy winter engagement photos. After dating since high school, Brian & Brittany got engaged and began to plan their New Jersey wedding close to their new home. What was so special about this session and where we were, was that we were exactly where they would be getting married later that year in September, too! We spent this sunny January day frolicking in the fresh snow and taking advantage of all of the lovely historic buildings and picturesque grounds that Waterloo Village has to offer. When we neared the end of our session and began to wrap up we couldn't help but to spend some extra time chatting about how excited we all were for the big day. After realizing we needed to get into our cars to warm up and say our goodbyes we found ourselves so eager to hit the fast-forward button so we could have these two in front of our cameras again!

Before we had time to even blink, we were flipping our calendars to September and packing our bags to head down to New Jersey celebrate Brittany & Brian's wedding weekend at Waterloo Village Historic Site! To begin the wedding day Brittany and the ladies took advantage of the gorgeous on-site bridal cottage at Waterloo Village while Brian and the guys remained at the hotel that was reserved for family and friends to get ready.

We just love how regal and stunning Brittany looks alongside her gorgeous ladies in their Juniper colored bridesmaids dresses from David's Bridal. Perfection!

Once everyone was dressed and ready and guests began to make their way to the venue the rain made a brief appearance! Without worry Brittany said "whatever!" and patiently waited while it was go-time. The rain was not going to stop us! But as soon as the rain seemed to begin, it began to taper off, and sure enough there was nothing to worry about. Brittany's attitude and go with the flow vibe all day long was the BEST!

Once these two took some time to revel in the fact that they are now married, we grabbed a big group photo with all members of the wedding party, little ones and all, before continuing on with the days events!

With what might be the most unique surprise we have ever seen at a wedding, Brittany's parents surprised the couple with an unexpected wedding guest; a COW! Yes, that's right. A cow. Brittany's parents arranged for a local farmer to bring a young calf to the venue for photo ops during the wedding cocktail hour. We all knew the rain was holding off for more than one reason than the outdoor ceremony! This was such a cool and special gift from Brittany's parents' that was a fun and memorable way to make their wedding day even more incredible!

With even more luck we were able to spend a quick ten minutes with Brittany & Brian for golden hour portraits with the blips of golden sunshine and rain-free skies that we had before the inevitable storm was to begin! This time, we focused on chasing the light and the more natural landscape parts of the property for backdrops for these Waterloo Village Historic Site wedding photos.

Finally it was time to celebrate the new Mr. & Mrs. and we headed into the beautifully decorated rustic reception hall! Brittany & Brian exchanged their first dance as husband and wife and shared in emotion-filled parent dances. Once we sat for dinner, words were spoke and the pies were sliced everyone let loose on the dance-floor and busted out some of the best moves we've seen in quite some time! No one realized but the rain had begun to pour down outside but all we could hear was the stomping of everyone feet enjoying the party and the company of one another. In fact, once the party was over and the music stopped the crowed demanded one more song, and sure enough, they got it!! Props to Gemini DJs for keeping the party going!!!

"Our favorite memory from the wedding day was the encore at the end of the night from our guests."

- Brittany

Our one piece of advice is although it gets stressful, enjoy the planning. It’s all worth it and it goes so fast, so cherish it.

- Brittany & Brian

We had the most amazing time celebrating Brittany & Brian and being their Waterloo Village New Jersey wedding photographers. Thank you so much for having us and thank you to a stellar team of vendors who made this lovely summer wedding possible.