Justina's engagement ring has a pretty special story.

In 2015 Ryan gave Justina a promise ring, and promised one day that ring would become an engagement ring. When Ryan spoke to Justina's Father about proposing in 2018 her Father gave Ryan Justina's Mother's engagement ring. Justina and Ryan designed her engagement ring with Caves Jewelry to include the diamond from her promise ring, as well as all diamonds and gold from her mother's engagement ring.

Our favorite moment of the wedding day was our first look, for sure. After an
early and long morning of getting ready it was so nice to have a relaxing moment alone before we jumped in to the craziness of the rest of the day. We shared the
delicious Wedding Cake strain joint, chilled out and checked in with each other. It was the most perfect and personal moment for us as a couple.

Justina & Ryan

Don't do what you think other people want to see on your wedding day. Do what makes you feel most comfortable and brings you joy. My default was that if it made me smile or giggle we were for sure including it in our day.