Amanda & Ryan's wedding day is right around the corner! We are so excited to be heading up to the St. Lawrence River this summer to celebrate these two in a place that is so, so, so incredibly special to them both. But, before you hear that story you first have to hear the story about how Ryan proposed to Amanda and totally surprised her!

We had a vacation planned to Aruba for almost a year prior to the proposal. It was to celebrate me completing pharmacy school, and Ryan starting a new job. At this point we had been dating for 5 years. So, of course, the big question was on the table. In one specific conversation between the two of us, I had said how beautiful the sunsets are in Aruba, and how it would be the perfect place to propose (a not so subtle, subtle hint). Ryan quickly said, "Well, I would never want to travel with your ring.

- Amanda

I accepted the fact that the big proposal wouldn't be in Aruba. Fast forward to our trip... after dinner on our first night, we were planning on walking on the beach. Of course, we got a couple drinks, dinner took awhile, and we were both tired after a long day of travel. I offered to just walk on the beach the next day but Ryan was insistent that we still go walk on the beach. We made it just in time for sunset!


For those who have never been to an island like Aruba there are ALWAYS photographers and family photoshoots on the beach at sunset. The two of us have never been photogenic, or liked the attention on us, so Ryan strategically stalled a little and after all of the photographers and people turned to walk back up the beach after the sun had set, he got down on one knee. It was private, intimate, and couldn't have been more perfect for the two of us!


It was incredible to get to capture these photos where Ryan grew up and where his family is so very much rooted in the community. In fact, Ryan's family even had a hand in building the viewing platforms and bridge access to these falls! The sentimentality of all of their handpicked locations for all of their wedding events has our hearts fluttering.

Our wedding venue is extremely special to us. I have grown up going to the St. Lawrence River to our family camp every summer for my entire life. Ryan's grandmother was born and raised in Alexandria Bay, and also frequently visited the River with his family in the summer. When we met, we both couldn't believe that the other knew all of the hot spots and fun things to do at the River. It became the place where our parents and families met. Our vision is to share our favorite place with our favorite people.

- Amanda

We are absolutely loving the blue jeans and white tees that Amanda & Ryan were wearing for the first half of their shoot. The denim blue and white colors glow against the soft lush green of the woods was stunning. And, the best part about their casual outfit is that it was completely last minute!

After a quick outfit change we made our way over to our last location; a place that is also extremely special to Amanda & Ryan.

We hope that this place will be walking distance from our home someday. We take our dog for walks at the lake here at least once a week and enjoy the quality time together, and on a random walk one day we sat on the swing and I knew this was where I wanted some of our engagement photos to be!

- Amanda

The best part about being engaged so far has been celebrating us with our loved ones! We truly can't wait for our forever.

- Amanda & Ryan

Thank you for having us capture your Northern Catskills Engagement Photos last summer! We cannot wait for our calendars to flip to June and get our bags packed and ready for what we know will be an incredible, joyous, love-filled celebration. Cheers!