Danielle and Anthony's proposal story is the sweetest! Their birthdays are two weeks apart, and on a trip to Saint Lucia to celebrate, Anthony popped the question.

Towards the end of the trip we rented a small private boat for the day to tour the coast and go snorkeling. Mid-way through the trip we went by a rock formation they called the 'tunnel of love' which was apparently featured in Pirates of the Carribean! Anthony asked me to marry him then! For the rest of the boat trip we enjoyed champagne as we sailed back towards our hotel while the sun was setting. It was perfect.

- Danielle

I love that Danielle always down for an adventure... whether its going on vacation, driving out of state to see a concert, or a random weekend in the Pocono's. She's also very caring, and sweet, and I knew this was something special after the very first time we hung out.


One sentimental piece I included in my outfit choices is a gold chain necklace that my parents gave me as a gift after my grandma passed away with her gold charm on it that was of my grandfathers FDNY badge. It's my favorite and nicest piece of jewelry I own, and I'm glad I got to wear something of my grandmas to honor her for our future marriage in some way.

- Danielle

We wanted to incorporate Port Jeff (or Down Port as Long Islanders call it) to the waterfront are where the Port Jeff Big Chair is too. This is where we had our first date. I took a photo of Anthony on the chair that day, so it was so cool to wrap that into our engagement photos!

- Danielle

After Port Jeff we went to Cedar Beach nearby on the north shore, where the glam picnic company Danielle had found set up a gorgeous picnic facing the water for us to enjoy.

- Anthony

I am so excited to say our vows and confess our love to one another so everyone can hear how much we love each other. I already think about what I'm going to say sometimes. And, that I'm going to marry the love of my life. I cannot wait to be a beautiful bride, and have the dress, hair, and makeup all done special!

- Danielle

Wer'e not going to have our wedding for a couple years because we want to buy a home together first. But, the idea all of our friends and family that we love celebrating together, and the excitement of combining our lives and having joint planning goals is what we are most looking forward to!

Danielle & Anthony