When we first met Justine & Matt on zoom, and then a few months later for their Downtown Albany Engagement Photos we knew their Glen Sanders Mansion wedding would be just totally soaked in the most positive, loving, excited, feel-good energy, and it absolutely was. The day went along without a hitch and we are going to let the photos (and Justine & Matt themselves) do the talking. First we want to start off with the happy couples awesome shout out to their wedding venue, the Glen Sanders Mansion:

"Heading into wedding planning, we wanted our wedding day to be as relaxed as possible. Once we toured Glen Sanders Mansion, we knew we could achieve this. We loved how EVERYTHING (getting ready, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after-party, and sleeping accommodations) were all in once place!"

You can't got wrong with a black tux. To coordinate with our of "classic wedding theme", all of the groomsmen and I wore black tuxedos. I had a white pocket square while the guys had a blush pocket square so I could stand out. I think this really complimented the bridesmaid's dresses!

- Matt

I had an amazing experience with Megan at WillFitUIn for my alterations. I had a lot of alterations done, and Megan always made me feel comfortable; I knew my dress was in good hands. She was also able to sew a heart of my mom's dress and my grandmother's dress into my dress, as well as embroider all of our wedding dates on the respective pieces. I hope to cut it out one day for my future daughter to sew into her dress!

- Justine

I have always loved the color pink! I wanted touches of champagne and blush to be part of our day. I am very traditional, and like things to be orderly, so I chose to have all of my bridesmaids in the same dress. I know it is not the "trendy" thing to do, but I love the classic feel of our photographs seeing everyone in the same dress (and thank you to my bridesmaids for being so understanding!)

- Justine

I am a kindergarten teacher, and I wanted to have my students be part of our day. During the school day, we would play "wedding"; we listened to classic ceremony music and thought of ideas for different prompts. I loved seeing their creativity deciding on dinner choices, gifts and cake flavors. It was so sweet to have them with me on our day!

- Justine

I loved seeing all of our family and friends out on the dance floor. I took a moment to just look around and see all of their smiling faces, along with Matt's, and that memory of being surrounded by loved ones will always hold a special place in my heart.

- Justine

If we had to give advice to a couple planning their wedding today, it would be to do your prep ahead of time so you can relax the days leading up to the wedding. And remember that they day is about you and your partner! You can get wrapped up in family politics and friend drama, but it's important to keep your relationship at the forefront of all decisions.

- Justine & Matt