When Kate & Nick's wedding inquiry appeared in our inboxes for their summer wedding at Knotting Hill Farm we were absolutely thrilled! Having already once captured a beautiful wedding at this awesome spot we were so ready to return. We'd been dreaming of this floral wallpaper on the second floor ever since and we know that golden hour there is just spectacular. And not to state what will become the most obvious in these photos, but Kate & Nick are one of the most kind, compassionate, supportive and loving couples ever. When they reached out we just knew we had to work with them and hoped they'd feel the same - and yay, they did! *Insert hug emoji here*

See what we mean about that wallpaper? Although gorgeous for details like that dress shot we photographed Kate's getting ready photos in a soft blue bedroom. Kate had a specific vision for what she saw for her wedding photos as a photographer herself, and she nailed it.

Knotting Hill Farm in its self was just perfect and everything we could have imagined. We loved the rustic feel of our venue and wanted an earthy and bright wedding. Nick and I love spending time away in Seneca Lake, NY at the wineries so naturally that’s the location Nick chose to propose to me. We wanted to be sure to include things that reminded us of Seneca Lake.'

- Kate

Nick and his wedding party got ready in the loft barn on the other side of the property. This made it so easy to keep these two separated before it was time to see one another! Another pro for Knotting Hill Farm as a wedding venue: there are so many locations to work with.

First look time! We chose this nice, shady corner of the reception barn with gorgeous green shutters, stonework, and flowers for their initial meeting.

We chose the colors Dusty Blue and Navy for our bridal party. The light blue complimented the dark navy blue so beautifully.

- Kate & Nick

Having such a great day it’s hard to narrow down my favorite moment from our wedding but if I had to pick just one, I’d say my favorite moment was when Kate was walking down the aisle (beautiful as ever), and seeing her coming down to me I looked back at my sister Maria, who officiated our wedding, and shared a quick glance. It was such a special moment.

- Nick

When it came time to decide on our centerpieces, Nick came up with a great idea of purchasing and putting together wine barrel heads. It was such a special way to incorporate our engagement. We began saving wine bottles from each winery we went to. Our friend, Wendy Mattson took so much time to cut these bottles so we could place candles underneath. This created such a romantic feel and so special that it was the bottles from all our favorite places. Our table numbers were bottles from our favorite winery!

- Kate

Somehow, without any rain falling on us at all during an overcast day a small tiny rainbow appeared in the sky shortly after the reception began. We were already going out for portraits after toasts, and so we made sure to get what photos we could before it disappeared. We hoped the clouds to the west would continue to part and the sun would keep shining to give us some golden hour light, and lo and behold, we got it!!!!

The energy was high and once the music kicked off everyone got down on the dancefloor. The outdoors games and activities that Kate & Nick set up for cocktail hour gave guests had people flowing in an out of the open air dance floor space all night long. It was truly a perfect party!

It’s so hard to pick just one favorite instant on such a special day, however I’d have to say my favorite moment was after everyone left and it was just Nick and I. We were still on cloud nine, giddy and full of excitement, our day was finally here! We recapped everything about the day. I was so present in that moment I felt so much love. It was the best feeling.

- Kate